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The Steering Wheel Clipboard is fully customizeable. Printed in full colour High Definition, You create it we can print it

USE IT AS an Information board.

  •  Keep employees informed on proceedures.
  • Reminder of important events
  • Easy lookup of coversion charts
  • Maps and directional use
  • Important phone numbers
  • Branch locations and information
  • Emergency proceedures
  • Dry erase surface for temporary notes

USE IT AS a Promotional Item

  • Perfect advertising platform to keep your information in front of your customer
  • Constant reminder of your services
  • Promotes customer loyalty
  • Show your special services
  • More direct than a mounted sign
  • In Sight in Mind.
Bottom Profiles

Bottom Profiles

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Ledge - 90 degree bend to act as a ledge for holding papers, books etc. Included in base price.

Straight - Like a regular clipboard with no bottom bends. Included in base price.

Roll Clip - Plastic is bent up aprox. 2.5 inches to form a large clip to hold extra papers or notes. Must add $2.50 to listed prices.

Rollclip Ledge - A combination of the Roll Clip and ledge styles. Has both uses and is great for holding a Laptop securely. Must add $2.50 to listed prices.

Supplied Art

Supplied Art

Prices will include the arrangement of your supplied art as deamed by our art depatment for your approval by email. Any changes may incurr art charges at the rate of $40.00 per hour. It is recommended that you supply finished art work using the template at the bottom of this page. We are not here to make money on art but to supply you with a Steering Wheel Clipboard you will be proud of.

Go to the template pages to order from basic designs.

If you have your artwork just the way you want it. Order on the form below.

Your Custom Board

Your Custom Board

Your Custom Board
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Presonalize your board

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Let us put our logo and QR code on back ear of board and receive a special discounted price.

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**Important Please Note*** Clipboards are bulk shipped unless you purchase individual boxes

Photo ownership

Uploaded images are your responsibility to show ownership. Sports logos subject to licensing can not be used.

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