About Us
We have been involved in manufacturing the Steering Wheel Clipboard for over fifteen years. Originally we made only screen printed clipboards and were limited to only a few colors of print. Eventully we developed a system to digitally print the steering wheel clipboard and greatly increase its appeal and functionality. With a DRY ERASE surface and using water resistant materials it can be used in all types of enviroments.

Based in Western Canada we have printed for companies all over North America. Some of our products have ended up in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Oil service companies, transportation companies, agricultural; any industry that relies on a vehicle we’ve probably printed for them.

We manufacture the boards from sctratch, we control the whole process so you can rely on us to deliver a supperior product. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

To give our customers top quality product and top quality printing services to promote their business in a unique and practical way..
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